What Sort of Howrse Player are you?
Are you maybe ... a mini-mod? Possibly a snitcher? This player-personality quiz will try and target your inner player and tell you what it is ... scared? Of course not - go ahead, if you dare!

You receive an offensive PM. You ...
Wrinkle your nose in disgust and ignore it.
Snort indignantly. How rude! You report it immediately.
Laugh, and reply with a witty comeback. No big deal.
Reply with a stern and mature warning. That sort of message is not acceptable.
I don't get offensive PMs ... I send them :D

Your forum is ...
Basically a complaints centre, full of petitions.
A trunkload of helpful info, and buzzing with life.
Very oragnised, with plenty of rules that must be followed.
Non-existant. I'm banned from forums XD
... A forum? I give up ... is this a trick question?
None of the above.

The worst thing you've done on Howrse is ...
I've had a scuffles with the mods *shifty eyes*
Phew! You want me to list them? This'll take a while ...
I don't break rules - everyone else does!
Nothing too serious.
Mini-modding (yes ... *sigh* ... I admit it)

What's your view on the Safe Haven?
People definitely need to read it's description.
Uhh ... it's "Safe". It's a "Haven". OH NO IT SOUNDS SO HORRIBLE!!! Come on ...
I think it's fine ... but I like to spread rumours about it being a horrible slaughterhouse!
Aw, Jeez, not this again ...
It's horrible!!! I hate it when people buy my horses and put them there!

What do you think your player type will be?
Uh ... will this affect my outcome?
Possibly a mod. I'm very responsible.
A bad, bad player x)
What are the outcomes again?
A CraXoR supporter =D
I don't know ... but if it's bad, I'm reporting the creator of this quix for being mean!

Have you ever reported someone?
Many, many times ... for fun :D
As a responsible Howrse player, yes, I report players that break the rules.
Only on a serious issue.
At least once daily. Like when people buy my horses and won't sell them back.
No, that'd be snitchin' ... nobody wants to be a snitcher ...

You inbox is usually full of ...
PMs, of course. Normal ones. Y'know?
PMs asking for help.
Hate mail. Or mails saying my karma is getting taken away!
Fan mail. I'm touched ... :P
Messages from mods about people I've reported.

The PMs you send are usually ...
Funny and witty ... sometimes people think they're not polite :)
Hate mail, chain mail, fake "Howrse password recovery" mail ...
Warning people to follow the rules. Like is they misbehave in the forums.
To the mods. About mean people.
Business or pleasure, and quite friendly.

Howrse stupidest rule?
All rules are stupid. NO RULES! NO RULES!
Quite a few ... too many to list.
The "no signatures" rule for sure! XD
There are no stupid rules. They keep Howrse safe.
It needs more rules, actually.

Let's pretend: you're out riding, and your friend promptly turns around in the saddle so that she's riding backwards! You ...
Tell her mother and the yard owner that she was riding dangerously, and get her grounded.
Warn her she should stop - she might fall off.
Feel a bit worried, but let her do it anyway - she knows what she's doing and if she falls, it's her own fault.
Laugh and turn around in your saddle, too! Hey - it's not THAT hard!
Ride up to her horse and give it an almighty slap on the rump, sending it cantering!

Are you afraid to challenge the mods and admin on your page or forum?
Kinda ... after all, they control my game.
Of course - I might get reported!
Not really. I'll challenge them if I think they're wrong ... we're all entitled to our own opinions :D
Heck, no! Mr Karma is in the negatives, so I've nothing to lose ...
Why would I do that? What's to challenge?

Don't worry, just a few more questions ...

Which of the following might inspire you to scream?

If I was 1st in the rankings and got 100 free passes!!!
If someone bought my fave horse, renamed it, and put it in SH!!!
If the admin asked me to be a mod!!!
If someone gave me a mini-mod-and-snitcher-account-deleting machine!!!
If I managed to hack the admin's accounts!!!

In the next 10 days, you are most likely to ...
Have tried in some way to improve my game
Have had karma and/or account deletion
Have reported at least 3 people, maybe more.
Have helped the mods run the forums.
Be the same I am now :P

Your reason for playing Howrse is ...
To wreak havoc!
To help keep it safe and manage the forums, and hopefully become a mod.
To run an awesome forum!
For fun ... duh ...
To try and get a high ranking.
To make sure those that are mean are punished!

Last questions ...

Let's pretend: You are a horse. You are reknown for ...

Being really fussy about how your rider treats you.
Being the most well-behaved horse for miles.
Being a spirited yet pleasant ride.
Not being too keen on being controlled, and often unseating your rider.
Being impossible to break, and an absolute nightmare to ride!

Quiz made by izzyhorselover on 22.12.08!